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Here is a list of interactive maps that mapWizard is working on.



We create smart maps. Smart maps help you locate your information, display it in an attractive manner, make the information easy to acces and easy to use.


We play with geospatial data. We either digitise or collect the data on the field. We choose the file formats that best suits the project. It can be a simple KML, or a GeoJSON or even a complex database in Postgresql.


We make sure that the data we use is in the correct projection. Shifting of data sets is not allowed. To display the geospatial data and ckeck for consistency we use QuantumGIS. and other open source products.

Web server/GIS server

Web servers and GIS data servers help put the geospatial data on the world wide web. For this, we use Apache/Tomcat and GeoServer.

Web Map

There is no interactive map if JavaScript isn't around. This is where open source JavaScript libraries come. Libraries like Leaflet and OpenLayers help get the interactivity out of the GIS data.In the end, a new, interactive map will surf the internet.

About Us

Today, having the information at your door is esential. The way you have acces to that information is imporant too and spending too much time searching for the right data is not what you want. This is where we can help you.

Who We Are

We are a team of young professionals with over ten years of experience in GIS. We have a solid background in cartography, spatial analisys, programming, data management, graphic design.

What We Do

We use GIS data in a creative manner in order to create, not only well designed maps, but mostly useful web maps. We transform any information into GIS data.

Why Choose Us

We are open to the bone. We use only open source technology, like: Leaflet, OpenLayers, GeoServer, MapServer, Postgresql/Postgis, QGIS, GDAL, Python, Linux. We are open to any ideas. You come to us with the ideea about the map, we bring the design and use the best technology to give you the web map you desire.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us:

London, UK

Founder of mapWizard and Project Manager
Corina Tudorache